Purple Prose Jewelry Installation Today at 7 am


Please join us in Shengri La Hope today for the graduation installation of jewelry Tiffy Vella.

Purple Prose is a showcase of the work of Tiffy Vella, whose unique design vision continues to wow her customers.  Tiffy’s line, Eclectica, has a strong Art Deco influence, with rich detail and delicate colors. She is known for careful attention to detail, and delicate and yet involved design.  All of her jewelry is easily resized, even by relatively inexperienced avatar ausers, necause it’s scripted with resizing scripts.  Most of her sets come with an array of pieces, including multiple earring  and necklace length choices.

An even dozen of her designs will be shown on a dozen gorgeous models at this event, with clothing provided by Debutante.  Purple Prose will be held Saturday, October 17th, at 7 am PT/10 am ET, in our Shengri La Hope region.

Designer Tiffy Vella Welcomed into the Emerging Avatar Apparel Designer Program

The Fashion Research Institute is pleased to welcome Miss Tiffy Vella into the Emerging Avatar Apparel Designer Program on the scenic Shengri La islands.  Miss Vella joins other talented designers with her unique take on historically inspired jewelry.  Please visit Shengri La to purchase Miss Vella’s work.


Tiffy Vella, creator of Eclectica Jewellery
Invited into the Shengri La Vintage Marketplace on January 6, 2009

I first rezzed into SL on March 23, 2007. I make prim jewellery. The name of my jewellery line is Eclectica. My style is very eclectic, hence my name, Eclectica. I do love vintage adornment, so draw upon Art Deco (love Erte), The Arts and Crafts Movement (love Frank Lloyd Wright) and Art Nouveau (love Mucha). However all work is original and is a product of sl, born from sl conditions and techniques. I love to produce sets that allow flexible options, often including several earring styles, or pieces that can be worn on other parts of the body. They are all pieces that I have created for my own use first, and if they aren’t enjoyable to wear, they never reach the shop. So far, I have belonged to the field of virtual jewellery, but will branch into complimentary areas soon…. I’ve listed some rl artistic inspirations. Another inspiration is the strong sense I get from the SL world and it’s human community, and the need we all have to find our niche, add our layer to the artistic/intellectual diversity. What do I love most about SL? Too much to list. I love the equal opportunity we have to find our place here. And shoes, in both universes. I’m a total Imelda.